Big Data and Analytics

Business Solutions

Blutech believes in solving business problems. We believe that big data is neither about “Big”, nor about “data”. It’s about enabling business so that can make better informed decisions. Our unique approach is to target industry specific problems and then apply big data technology to solve the problem. Some of our use case driven approach can be seen below.

Customer Profiles & Segmentation, Customer Churn, Cross Sell & Upsell, Market Basket Analysis, Sentiment Analysis…

Customer Analytics

Customer Profiles & Segmentation, Market Mix Modeling, Campaign Performance, Marketing Investment Optimization.

Marketing Analytics

Market Entry, Clinical Trial Optimization, Epidemiology Studies, Sales, Resource and Supply Chain Optimization

Pharma & Life Sciences

Analytics setup, Conversion & Goal Tracking, AB Testing, Multivariate Testing, Campaign Performance /Attribution, and Custom Reporting

Web Analytics

Opinion Mining & Sentiment Analysis, Brand Monitoring, Lead Generation, Natural Language Processing.

Social Media Analytics

Dynamic Pricing and Elasticity, Competitive Pricing.Discount Pricing, SmartProfit Analysis and Price Value Mapping

Pricing and Sales


Customer Profiles & Segmentation, Customer Churn, Cross Sell & Upsell, Market Basket Analysis, Sentiment Analysis…

Market Research

Market Risk, Credit Risk, Operational Risk Management, Retail Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Banking Fraud, Supply Chain and Forecasting

Fraud & Risk

Smart Cites, Smart Water, Predictive Maintenance, E- Health, Oil and Gas, Smart Transportation, Smart Environment and Agriculture.

Internet of Things

Interactive Visualizations, Dashboards and BI Applications, Infographics, Geovisualizations and UI/UX Design.


Supply Chain Optimization, Demand Forecasting, Inventory Management, Logistics and Transportation Analytics, Sourcing Analytics


Personalization. Marketing Mix Modeling, Assortment Optimization, Next Best Action & Offer, Fraud & Risk, Pricing

Retail Analytics

Technology Solutions

Big data is always a business initiative run by IT. Our Blutech team has the expertise to solve IT problems and enable them to provide big data platform that IT can use to unlock data and convert raw data into information and information into value.

Some of our solutions related to technology disruptions are:

  • Store and analyze data of any kind and size
  • Develop faster, debug and optimize smarter
  • Interactively explore patterns in your data
  • No learning curve—use U-SQL, Apache Spark, Hive, HBase, and Storm
  • Managed and supported with an enterprise-grade SLA
  • Dynamically scales to match your business priorities
  • DWH Architecture
  • Data Model
  • ETL/ELT development
  • DWH Testing
  • Database administration
  • BI customer reports
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • Pentaho
  • Offload ETL to HADOOP
  • Offload cold/inactive data
  • Performance tuning
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Computer vision
  • Image & Video processing
  • Face recognition