Optimize Data Warehouse

Some believe that Hadoop and the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) will continue to coexist, side-by-side, solving different use cases. We at Blutech see this differently. We don’t believe that butter is here and chocolate is over there. EDW and Hadoop to better work in combination and we help to find the right mix of workloads for each platform.

Major limitations of traditional EDW platform is cost, high maintenance and unable to process unstructured data and hence losing the value of unlocking the real data. 85% of the world’s data is unstructured and if you cannot process this data in EDW then you simply can’t achieve the real value of data analytics.

Our methodology to optimize existing data warehouse investment involves:

– Offloading Cold/Inactive data to Hadoop running on commodity machines.

– Offloading complex ETL processes from EDW to Hadoop to achieve better SLA’s & performance

– Improve analytical productivity and help business making valuable & informed decisions.

Offloading is extremely important use case of Blutech. Traditional EDW platform costs from $35-$50K per Terabyte and the same costs $2K-$5K on Hadoop platform