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Case Study

Innovating Operational Landscape through Migration to Cloud

The Problem?

An international client faced high operational cost with additional challenges of high availability, unplanned outages, server patching, bandwidth and multiple operational issues. This was due to their large on-prem data center with more than 2000 Servers for different applications.​

What did we do?

Blutech worked closely with AWS on the modernization of technology infrastructure for one of the largest global insurance companies. We migrated all the applications, databases, Operating systems and configurations for all the VMs and bare metal servers to AWS. This resulted in reduced operational cost, ensuring high availability, load balancing, auto scaling, DR Configuration, and Auto backup within a secure VPC for the client. This process included multiple migration approaches such as Lift and Shift, and Refractory to move the servers to the cloud. We have also provided step-by-step documentation and training to improve the client’s tech team with cloud technology so they can manage the Infra efficiently on their own moving forward.​

The Impact

The client was able to increase productivity among the IT staff and have massive reductions in downtimes which resulted in reduction in their operational costs.​

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