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The Problem?

One of the largest banks in Pakistan in terms of revenue and total customers has data residing in Silos not allowing them to understand their customer behavior across various touch points. The bank has a goal of integrating their source systems into a centralized platform to get a customer 360 view, enable executives in the bank with business intelligence tools and drive revenue through data analytics.

What did we do?

Blutech Consulting recommended and implemented an open source analytical eco system with the Cloudera stack sitting on top of the Hadoop architecture. The bank’s executives were trained by Blutech on Power BI and now are utilizing the business intelligence tool to make their decisions. The bank also recovered the investment made on a data analytics platform by utilizing customer segmentation to perform targeted marketing campaigns.

The Impact

The bank has an end to end analytical eco-system running with fraction of a cost if they would have procured proprietary technology.

The bank for the first time has an end to end view of their customers allowing their marketing team to perform targeted marketing campaigns reducing their customer acquisition cost by 27%, increasing customer retention by 12% and achieving operational efficiency by 40%.

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