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Case Study

Optimizing Existing Processes

The Problem?

One of the 4 Telecoms in Pakistan had an existing warehouse running requiring a lot of manual processes. The customer wanted a vendor to manage their existing data warehouse solution.

What did we do?

Blutech Consulting deployed resources on premise with expertise in the prevalent technology. Blutech not only managed their existing warehouse but also automated the manual processes.
The tickets raised reduced significantly.

Blutech also optimized the queries and the ETL jobs to reduce the load on the hardware and performed space optimizations to continuously use the existing data warehouse despite the increase in data.

Blutech has also started to offload the data warehouse into Hadoop with the data size continuing to increase.

The Impact

The Telecom company is continuing to generate their BI reports without performance issues with the queries and ETL jobs now optimized by the Blutech team. The Telecom company is able to utilize the existing data warehouse without increasing the hardware specs, due to the optimizations performed by Blutech Consulting.

Blutech has ensured with the addition of new CRM, increase in data and jobs, the telco’s data warehouse remains robust and is delivering optimal performance.

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